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Who are we? | Purchase Pathwork Books & Lectures

What is Pathwork continued...

We human beings are spirit, mind, feelings, and body. Each is reflected in corresponding aspects or levels of being. The aim of the Pathwork is to unify all these levels, and through this unification to fully experience and consciously inhabit our divine nature. In the Pathwork, we connect to spirit through prayer and meditation. We examine our minds to find conscious and unconscious misconceptions in our thinking that were formed in the past, especially in childhood, which need to be realigned with reality. We learn to traverse our fears so that we can acknowledge and express all our feelings, including our negative feelings, so that we may transform them into self- love and compassion for others. On the level of the body, we learn to reactivate the positive life energy at our core. We explore the roots of our negative life manifestations and learn to transform them in the light of our new understanding.  

The Pathwork is a unique path: it expands the entire scope of our life. We increase our self-knowledge, accept ourselves as we are, and embrace a deep level of self-responsibility for the positive and negative creation of our lives. The Pathwork is not dogmatic. It has no required belief system and no ultimate authority except the Self. Rather, it is a path of conscious exploration in which life itself is our teacher. In the way we meet life, we come to understand all that brings us to our real self and all that keeps us from it.  The lectures teach us that in this process we need to develop a healthy, mature ego.  For it is only when the ego is strengthened, and purified of its misconceptions about life and its own task, that it can look beyond itself and recognize that it is only a part—albeit a vital part—of our greater self. By using the ego to transcend itself, we are afforded a way to become fully and consciously who we are:  our real Self, our Godself.

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Who are we?

We are a small, fairly new body, of qualified facilitators who hold and offer Pathwork in the UK and Ireland. Facilitators are referred to as Helpers and there are several designations: Apprentice Helper, Transition to Helper and Helper. All designations have ongoing supervision. In order to ‘help’ others it is important that we deepen and enrich our own process on an ongoing basis. Supervison also provides an added dimension of care within the Helper/worker relationship. The UK body qualified as ‘Apprentices’ in 2006, after a period of 6 years intensive training and most are now in ‘Transition’ to full Helpership.

We also include the designation ‘Participant’ in the Pathwork process – for those who have completed Pathwork Studies but are not yet qualified Pathwork Helpers.

Between us we offer lecture study sessions, one-to-one sessions, face to face or by phone, on going groups with a mixture of study and process, day and weekend workshops.

Click here for a list of Helpers – what they offer and where they are based.

Pathwork UK, is a chapter of the International Pathwork Foundation. Click for LINK to Pathwork Foundation.

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Purchase Pathwork Literature - Books & Lectures

We hold copies of the Guide Lectures, which we can forward to you for a small cost and p+p. The CD Rom of the Guide Lectures is available through the Pathwork Foundation Web Site and you may download a copy of all lectures from this site.

Pathwork books may be ordered from bookshops. They are:

  • The Pathwork of Self-Transformation
    by Eva Pierrakos
  • Fear No Evil – The Pathwork Method of Transforming the Lower Self  
    by Eva Pierrakos and Donovan Thesenga 
  • Creating Union – The Pathwork of Relationship 
    by Eva Pierrakos and Judith Saly
  • The Undefended Self – Living the Pathwork of Spiritual Wholeness
    by Susan Thesenga
  • Surrender to God Within – Pathwork at the Soul Level 
    by Eva Pierrakos and Donovan Thesenga

You can purchase more Pathwork Literature by visiting our International site >>

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