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Pat Connelly - Participant in the Pathwork Process

Born 1947, age 62 (most of my life physically challenged, & now wheelchair-bound) Gained professional qualifications. & 25 years work experience, in Engineering & Personnel Management (now Retired) Studied Spiritual-Psychotherapy (5 years at White-Lodge, Kent) Practiced 5 elementt Acupuncture, after 4 years training at Leamington, Warwickshire (now Retired) Experienced a years Humanistic Psychotherapy foundation course at Karuna, Devon Was resident of the Beacon-Centre community in Devon for 15 years Completed the Warrior-Angel (consciousness-raising) process at the Beacon-Centre Experienced 7 years of Tibetan Pulsing (energy/bodywork) in UK, Holland & India In 1993 became an Osho sanyasin (at his Ashram in Poone, India) From 1990 participated in several UK Pathwork Groups, culminating from 1999-2006 in the Pathwork study & helpership training group.

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