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Lynnie Jenkins - Helper

After training as a Pathwork Helper in the UK, I co-facilitated workshops, groups and intensives in Devon, before moving to Serbia for 4 years.

In Serbia I was passionately involved in the setting up of Pathwork South East Europe and in introducing and supporting this work for people in Serbia, Croatia. Turkey and other Balkan countries.

With Helper colleagues, I set up and organised the Helper training programme for Pathwork South Eastern Europe for Balkan candidates. I was fortunate to be a trainer for this programme and also on the Transformation programme.

I now live in West Devon near Okehampton , and welcome people wanting to work with the Pathwork to intensives, retreats and ongoing monthly groups and sessions.

I am also a professional homeopath and hands on healer.

I love the depth, beauty and abundance of the countryside, birdsong, running water and quiet hedgerows

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