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Lynnie Jenkins - Helper

After training as a Pathwork Helper in the UK, I co-facilitated workshops, groups and intensives in Devon, before moving to Serbia for 4 years.

In Serbia I have been passionately involved in the setting up of Pathwork South East Europe and in introducing and supporting this work for people in Serbia, Croatia. Turkey and other Balkan countries.

I am currently involved in the organization and teaching of the second transformation programme in this region, in co-facilitating a new Pathwork Helper training in ex-Yugoslavia and also in helping to form and ground a community of peaceful cooperation between people from the different countries in the Balkan regions.

I now live in mid-Devon in the countryside near Crediton , and welcome people wanting to work with the Pathwork to intensives, retreats and ongoing monthly groups and sessions.

I am also a professional homeopath and hands on healer.

I love the depth, beauty and abundance of the countryside, birdsong, running water and quiet hedgerows

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