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Colin Brown - Helper

I started my professional life as an actor, working with some of the countries leading theatre companies and appearing in British TV staples. I discovered the Pathwork in 1993 through my friendship with the daughter of the then President of the International Pathwork Foundation. I attended the initial Pathwork workshops in the UK and spent an extremely happy and life-changing month at the Phoenicia Pathwork Centre, in the USA. I completed Pathwork Studies and the Pathwork Helpership Training in 2006 and am now a Helper working with groups and giving one-to-one sessions.

I also work with business people as a communication skills coach and bring Pathwork concepts into the workplace. I devise drama and story-telling projects for schools and charitable foundations, and I write and act occasionally.

My other spiritual influences include Buddhism and Buddhist meditation and Esoteric Christianity - as presented by Rudolf Steiner. I live in Sussex with my partner and our two children.

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