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Commitment Statement from Lecture #138

‘The Human Predicament of Desire for and Fear of Closeness’

"I decide to give up the error of 'me versus the other.' There is really no conflict, therefore I can give all of myself. I not only request help from deep within, but I decide to give the best I am to life, without fear. Any fear that still lurks within me is error, and I decide to rid myself of this error and to give myself over to the divine powers to which I open myself totally. I deeply desire to understand the truth of 'I and others are one' meaning that there is no conflict. I therefore can give ofmyself the best that I am. I surrender to those higher forces so that this self-giving may occur in harmony, in rightness, without strain and effort."

Anyone meditating in such a way increases the power, the life, the peace, and the light within. All struggle and pain must then, sooner or later, fall away in exact proportion as this attitude is truly felt and lived. Use this key, my friends, and all else will be added unto you. . . Many of you are now at the point where you can really mean these words and initiate this new attitude. And life for you will then begin, truly begin.

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