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What is Pathwork?

The Pathwork is a spiritual path of self-purification and self-transformation on all levels of consciousness.  It is a path which emphasizes the importance of recognizing, accepting, learning to know and ultimately transforming our Lower Self or shadow side of our nature.  The teachings on which this path is based were channelled by Eva Pierrakos from 1957 until her death in 1979.  In a state of light trance she delivered 258 lectures, giving us a complete itinerary of a spiritual journey, the journey of the soul.  These teachings are full of wisdom and love.  The entity who spoke through Eva – “the Guide” – teaches that through honest self-examination, using tools and practices conveyed in the lectures, we can overcome and remove the inner obstacles that keep us from living fully from and in our Godself, our true nature.  The lectures are profoundly concerned with self-knowledge, self-acceptance and self-responsibility. more...